The GEO CART® is an industry leading proprietary point-of-sale system. A computerized mobile implant and instrumentation inventory system based on RFID Technology.

Physician Testimonials


    Dr. Martina Randall

    Hemet, CA


    "GEO has revolutionized hardware delivery and in turn has forever changed the dynamic between the surgeon and the implant. With an instrument selection process that is seamless and implants that are reliable, the choice is simple: GEO."


      Dr. Gabriel Gambardella

      Bloomfield, CT


      "The GEO Nitinol Staple System allows me to easily fixate an Akin osteomy under direct visualization, decreasing flouroscopy time, tourniquet time, and total surgical time."


        Dr. Robert Joseph

        Beverly Hills, CA


        "I no longer more worry about availability of screws and staples. I no longer worry about extended OR and tourniquet time of an instrument is dropped during a case. Those worries disappear with GEOCart. Each cart is tailored to your usage and everything you need for surgery is at your finger tips...sterile-packaged implants and single-use instruments. GEO has changed the culture of my practice for the better!"


          Dr. Sanjay Patel

          Hamden, CT


          " The greatest benefit of the GEO System, is the $$$ that the center saves! No need to clean ,sterilize, order, chart, etc...all of that is taken care of by the GEO technology embedded in the System. Now that is huge for the bottom line!!"

          GEO® Hammertoe

          The comprehensive GEO® Hammertoe Screw was designed to provide the surgeon with speed of the procedure and accurate placement of the screw. The Geo Hammertoe Screw exhibits the following advantages:

          • No additional instrumentation for a faster procedure
          • Built in AO Connection
          • Integrated instruments including drill & broach
          • Barbed distal end for enhanced bone purchase and fixation
          • Screws contain self-drilling and tapping features

          GEO® Staple

          Each GEO® nitinol staple comes pre-sterilized and pre-loaded on an individual inserter in the relaxed position

          Unique inserter easily readies staple for implanting and releases with the flip of a lever

          Instrument kits are pre-sterilized and sized for smaller and larger staples so one kit can support many implants

          Cannulated Bone Screw

          GEO offers a comprehensive selection of sterile, single use Cannulated Bone Screws with a full range of diameters and lengths in short thread and long thread options for headless screws and short thread, long thread and full thread options in headed screws

          GEO FirstFUSE MTPJ Plating System

          An anatomic, indication-specific solution for surgeons seeking to fuse the first MP joint.

          GEO FifthFUSE Jones / 5th Met Fracture System

          A single-use, sterile system dedicated exclusively to the Fifth Metatarsal and Jones Fracture indication.

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