GEO FirstFUSE MTPJ Plating System

An anatomic, indication-specific solution for surgeons seeking to fuse the first MP joint.

Plate Sizes

  • Small (6 hole plate)
  • Medium¬†(7 hole plate)
  • Large/Revision¬†(8 hole plate)


  • Cortical Locking & Non-Locking
    • 2.7mm (lengths 10-40mm)
    • 3.5mm (lengths 10-40mm)
  • Cancellous Non-Locking
    • 4.0mm (lengths 10-40mm)


  • Dorsiflexion: Neutral and 5 Degree Bends
  • Abduction: Neutral and 5 Degree Angles

Disposable Instrumentation

  • Drivers
  • Depth Gauge
  • Guide Wires
  • Plate Tacks
  • AO Driver Handles
  • Cup & Cone Reamers

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